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Maaminim has partnered with Remedies Pharmacy to provide prepackaged medications, vitamins and/or supplements for the upcoming summer. PARTICIPATION IS MANDATORY FOR ALL CAMPERS AND STAFF MEMBERS UNDER 18 WHO TAKE MEDICATIONS, VITAMINS, AND/OR SUPPLEMENTS ON A DAILY BASIS.
Injection medications do NOT need to be filled through this program
Over the counter medications that are not taken daily but are taken on an "as needed" basis, do NOT need to use this program.


1. This program is MANDATORY. Campers who do not have their daily medications, vitamins, and/or supplements packaged or supplied by Remedies Pharmacy will be subject to a $50 fee to repackage their medications.
2. All orders for medications must be placed directly through Remedies Pharmacy. 
3. The only cost is the cost of your medication or your copay. There are no additional service fees when complying with the given guidelines. 
4. The deadline for this program is June 1, 2023. 5. Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs (i.e., Claritin, Mel-o-Chew, any vitamin) must also be prepackaged by Remedies Pharmacy if they are taken daily
5 . All new orders must be placed directly through the pharmacy, not the OTC department.
6. Remedies Pharmacy accepts New York State Medicaid Plans, and all major insurances.
7. The form on page two is used only for informational purposes. New prescriptions for all medications must be sent to Remedies Pharmacy, either electronically or by postal mail.
8. Keeping in mind that your child may have both Hebrew & English names - fill out both on the form linked below.
9. If you have requested prescriptions from your child’s doctor but did not receive any phone call from Remedies Pharmacy to confirm, please call the pharmacy.
10. As camp time approaches, avoid filling any 30- or 90- day prescriptions at your local pharmacy. The local pharmacy should be able to provide a partial fill to carry your child through until camp start date.
11. If your child takes a controlled substance such as Onfi, Adderall, Vyvanse, etc., please do not ask your doctor to post-date electronic prescriptions. If post-dating is required, request these prescriptions be sent via regular postal mail.
12. If your child is on a very expensive brand-name medication (e.g. Quillichew ER), please call Remedies Pharmacy to determine if the medication is stocked or to confirm if it can be ordered for your child.

Please click HERE for a PDF of the form to be sent back to Remedies Pharmacy. 


Providing your child with the ultimate care and physical and emotional safety is our number one priority at camp.  Policies have been developed to provide a thorough and safe program. During Orientation and Staff Training, all staff will be trained in safety rules and expectations for all aspects of camp life. 

Our infirmary operates as the primary care clinic for the camp. Your child’s health record is maintained there and should they need medical assistance we are well equipped to help them. Our medical staff consists of one full-time nurse and three EMTs. The infirmary is fully stocked with medical supplies to aid with everything from minor abrasions to more serious conditions. We also carry a defibrillator on site. If our medical staff feels a camper needs treatment that we cannot provide, we have excellent medical facilities just 18 minutes away in Monticello. Our nurse can be contacted at


Head Nurses: Mrs. Elisheva Fakheri, BSN, MSN, FNP-C
Head Lifeguard: Rabbi Chaim Jacobowitz 

EMT - R' Pinny Issac

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