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Providing your child with the ultimate care and physical and emotional safety is our number one priority at camp.  Policies have been developed to provide a thorough and safe program. During Orientation and Staff Training, all staff will be trained in safety rules and expectations for all aspects of camp life. 

Our infirmary operates as the primary care clinic for the camp. Your child’s health record is maintained there and should they need medical assistance we are well equipped to help them. Our medical staff consists of one full-time nurse and three EMTs. The infirmary is fully stocked with medical supplies to aid with everything from minor abrasions to more serious conditions. We also carry a defibrillator on site.

If our medical staff feels a camper needs treatment that we cannot provide, we have excellent medical facilities just 18 minutes away in Monticello. Our nurses can be contacted at


Head Nurses: R' Tuvia Hagler RN, BSN, EMT and Mrs. Shoshi Hagler RN, BSN
Head Lifeguard: Rabbi Chaim Jacobowitz 


If your son is bringing medication to camp, please make sure it is clearly marked with his full name, your phone number and packed in a zip-lock bag. If your son is traveling on the bus to camp, please make sure his medications are given to a staff member at the bus stop or if he is arriving in camp through private travel he should give his medication to his counselor to be given to the nurse. Medications are not allowed to be stored in the bunkhouses. 

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