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Why We're The Same

Organized sports. Incredible learning. Spacious grounds. Awesome trips. Intense Color War. Cantatas. Major ruach

These are the ingredients of all great frum boys’ camps, and you had better believe we are hard at work making them happen.


Camp Maaminim is planning a top-notch learning program led by passionate and charismatic learning Rabbeim. 
Rabbeim that will not only teach Torah, but show their talmidim how to live it.

In addition, we think intense sports and well-organized leagues are one of the most necessary components in a boys’ summer camp.

This is news to no one. And we’re on it.

Maaminim’s sports and leagues director is already planning a well-rounded sports program, with a focus on healthy,

intense ball playing and an inclusive team mentality. Most importantly, we hope each Maaminim campers will learn how to win and lose like a mentch

Our beautiful grounds include expansive fields, multiple sports courts, a full-size pool, and a boating and fishing lake.


(Oh ya, and a zip-line, game room, trampoline-basketball, to name a few others)

These are the basics, and we’ve got them covered.

Why We're Different

(Unique? Awesome?)

At Camp Maaminim, it’s our core belief that summers in camp have the ability to mold a child for a lifetime.

We aim to capture all the incredible experiences that make camp a magical place, while reinventing the way boys grow from each other and interact together. 
Our boys will have opportunities to try things their parents never dreamed of, yet also to experience the simple joys of sleep away camp. 
Great trips, of course - but classic rock-skimming or row-boating too.
Intense sports, avadeh! - but a good ol’ camp fire kumzitz as well. 
At Camp Maaminim, having a good time isn't a possibility; it's a requirement.

Being a mensch isn't just nice; it's a prerequisite.  

Our passionate belief in the indelible impression summer camp makes on children led us to carefully handpick every member of our head staff. Each has a singular goal in mind - to connect to, and positively affect each camper for the rest of his life.

Because of this approach, we've put a lot of effort into thinking of different ways

to reach every single camper. And we think we've struck gold.
At Maaminim, we’d like to find what makes your child tick - and change him forever.

In addition to all the out-of-the-box stuff, at Maaminim you can count on a head staff that believes in your son. We understand the needs of today’s children, and how quickly times are changing.
Our mechanchim have decades of experience nurturing boys and are focused solely on each child's needs. Camp Maaminim considers it a huge achrayus, opportunity and privilege to help mold your son into the most productive, responsible Ben Torah he can be.

We are extremely excited for an incredibly action-packed summer!

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