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Let's be honest, every incredible Jewish experience needs incredible kosher food. Correct?

At Camp Maaminim there are three delicious meals a day along with a snack period.


Breakfast is served after Shacharis (approximately 9:15 am.) Breakfasts include cereal,  pancakes, waffles, eggs, oatmeal, hash browns, bagels etc.


Lunch is served daily after first activity ( approximately 1:15 pm.) Our lunch menus include grilled cheese, fish sticks, pizza, falafel, tacos, pastas, dairy sandwiches, french fries, soups, salad etc.

Dinner is served after third activity (approximately 6:30 pm.) Our dinner menu includes meatballs and spaghetti, schnitzel, sesame chicken, pepper steak etc.

At every meal we offer choices which help to meet the needs of campers with specific allergies.  In addition, if your child has allergies and would like to bring up specific food items, please send an email to our camp office,, so that we can do our best to accommodate your child.

Any special diets should be brought to our nurse's attention so that we can do our best to accommodate your son’s special needs.


Canteen is one of the most exciting parts of camp, and for good reason!

The canteen will be open at various points throughout the day (rest period, nights, etc.)

Our canteen is equipped with state-of-the art culinary appliances. Everything from hot foods to frozen delicacies is offered on a regular basis. The hot foods are offered during the day as supplements to our delicious camp meals, not as substitutes. Additionally, there is a free game room adjoining the canteen equipped with ping-pong and pool tables, foosball and air hockey that can be used throughout the day. Oh ya, there are two Pac-man machines as well. :)

Each camper has an account that parents can fund to enable campers to buy items in the canteen. Parents can fund their child's canteen by logging in to their CampMinder account and clicking on the "view canteen" page. 

The suggested amount is $70 to $90 per trip. Please note that our canteen computer system does not stop campers from spending beyond the money you have put in. Our canteen staff will do their best to notify your son when he has spent the funds you have put in, but it nevertheless a good idea to tell you son to be cognizant of it. Any money spent over a campers limit will be billed at the end of the summer. Extra money left in canteen at the end of the summer will refunded to the payment method used. 

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