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We have contracted a service called Campify U.S,  which will be providing luggage service to and from camp. Your son’s luggage will leave to camp two days before camp starts and travel separately allowing it to arrive before he does. The cost for communal dropoff luggage service is $100 for two bags. The cost for private home pick-up is $250. All luggage fees must be paid directly to the vendor.

The deadline to reserve luggage service has passed. If you still need service, please contact Campify at the info below to see if it still an option. 

The final luggage drop-off times and location instructions will be emailed a week before camp. 
 Please note:  Any camper coming from out of town and traveling to camp on the bus from JFK, will be allowed to put their luggage on the JFK bus.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email or call 201-732-5771


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