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Campanion App 

As we did in past summers, we strongly encourage those parents whose phones have the capability, to download the free Campanion app. This app works seamlessly with our CampMinder system and provides convenience and fun! 
The app makes uploading the necessary medical forms very simple, and provides the capability of simply scanning any paper documents with the phone camera for the forms that need to be uploaded. 


The fun (and very cool) part is: once you're using the app and upload an updated picture of your son/s, it uses facial recognition technology and will automatically recognize his face and send you a notification when he's in any of the camp pictures that we upload during the summer! (Make sure you enable notifications for the app).  If you already have the app, be sure to update the picture of your son in order to ensure the facial recognition works as well as possible.

To get started, follow these three si
mple steps:

  • Download the Campanion app for iPhone HERE or for Android HERE 

  • Use your account name and password to log in

  • (this is the same as the ones you use for your CampMinder account)

  • Upload a training photo, which enables the app to send you photos of your son as we upload them in camp.

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