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  • Why send to Camp Maaminim?
    Camp Maaminim is embarking on building the most warm and relaxed frum boys sleepaway camp around. Relaxed in no way means "hefker" or unstructured. It means a calm and serene place where boys can unwind from a busy school year and grow in a more flexible environment and calmer schedule. Camp Maaminim, with a decidedly smaller camper body will lend itself to a "family feel" type of camp. For more information, please click HERE to visit theMaaminim Missionpage.
  • What is the camp policy about gaming devices and iPods etc.?
    While we acknowledge that technology can be extremely useful and necessary in many settings, we firmly believe that camp is an exception to this rule. Our boys deserve the opportunity to form genuine friendships and to fully experience each childhood adventure without any diversion or distraction. In a torahdik boys camp, electronic devices are an unnecessary distraction at best, or dangerously harmful at worst. In addition to the obvious dangers posed by such devices, they simply detract from the incredible social experiences and the general avirah that a camp setting offers. With that in mind, ANY iPads, iPods, smart watches or tablets, with video compatibility, or any DSI, PSPs, or any video gaming device whatsoever will not be allowed in camp. In addition, any non-video iPod or MP3 player must only contain Jewish music. If any camper is found to have brought any of these devices to camp, they will be confiscated and not be returned.
  • Where is Camp Maaminim located?
    We will be enjoying our summer on the gorgeous grounds located at 169 Laymon Road in Swan Lake NY, in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. Our Campus includes incredible baseball fields, hockey, volleyball and basketball courts, air conditioned shuls and beis medrash, zip-line, game room with ping-pong tables, pool tables etc, and of course a great pool and huge boating lake! To see some pictures of our beautiful grounds and breathtaking lake, click HERE
  • Where are you getting your counselors from?
    Great question. We're glad you asked, because this topic is incredibly important to us too! As mentioned in our mission statement, we are aware of the tremendous hashpa'ah camp staff can have on our children, and do not take this responsibility lightly. Tremendous care is being taken to carefully interview ALL of our staff, from the top down. We are in the process of hiring counselors who are true bnei aliyah, charismatic and thought-out bachurim who take their own ruchnius (bein adam lamakom AND bein adam lachaveiro!) seriously. We expect our chevra to work hard and play hard! Our entire staff will also be individually trained to create a culture of safety, per the guidelines of Agudas Yisrael. We feel that we have a special advantage as an intentionally smaller camp - we have the freedom to carefully handpick our staff according to our specific needs, so that your son has the best chance of shining this summer!
  • Will we be able to call or visit our son while he is away?
    Absolutely! If you ever need to contact your son or you just want to say "Good Shabbos," you will be able to email or call during office hours. As much as possible, we advise you to stick to those set times so that he can fully enjoy his camp experience. He may be too busy having fun to notice us paging him to the office! Campers will have access to camp phones at specific set times, so they can call you as well. It goes without saying that we will have a 24/6 emergency contact number in case you need to reach us urgently outside of office hours. Our handbook will include further info. We will iyH be having a visiting day once each half. We stronlgy dicourage visiting outside of these times as it creates numerous challanges both for the camper being visited and camp in general. If there is a unique circumstance, we ask that you contact the office to make the proper arrangements.
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